Petrified Forest Prospect

The Petrified Forest Prospect is located in Apache County, AZ with additional potential in Navajo County, AZ. Rare Earth Exploration holds leases on 4317.1 acres in the prospect area.

The prospect is for helium in the upper Supai Formation with additional potential in the overlying Shinarump Conglomerate. The Coconino Sandstone at about 300 ft depth may also be a potential helium reservoir here.

The prospect is 15 miles SW of the Pinta Dome-Navajo Springs-East Navajo Springs helium fields in Apache County. Helium production in these fields is mostly from the Coconino Sandstone but also with local production from the underlying upper Supai Formation and conglomerates in the overlying Shinarump Formation. Helium production is on the up-thrown sides of adjoining fault-bounded structures.

The Petrified Forest Prospect is directly analogous to these fields in that there is helium potential from the upper Supai Formation and the Shinarump Conglomerate, and possibly also the Coconino Sandstone, in reservoirs that also on structures on the up-through side of a fault.