Guarantee Your Investment with Timeless Protect

About Timeless Protect

Timeless Protect is the first and only company of its kind to offer 100% guaranteed investment protection to our partners. We currently work in a variety of verticals including oil, gas and helium. Rare Earth Exploration and Timeless Protect take away the risk of investment.

  • Your choice to work with a company that includes this innovative protection program will give you, the peace of mind, knowing that your money is safe and secure. Rare Earth Exploration leads the way in this innovation within the oil, gas and helium investment field.
  • Protected by insurance, and held in trust, your total amount of cash spend will be available to you at the end of your investment term. Terms are 10, 12, 15, 20 , 25, 30 or 40 years and can be added to the total amount invested with Rare Earth Exploration TPI will never invoice you are charge you for anything ever. No annual fees, no option fees, no admin fees, nothing.
  • It has no effect on your investment in any way, there are no liens on what you own, and is not affected by any returns or benefits, you will get to enjoy the benefits, returns, use and ownership exactly the same as you would otherwise.
  • No matter what happens to the asset, Rare Earth Exploration, or even TPI, the insurance premium on the pool of funds, which is held in trust and managed by a third party trustee, is pre-paid meaning you as the client have a 100% guarantee that you will have access to all of your money at the appropriate time.

TPI Protection Process

The Timeless Protect Cash Back Program was designed to give you peace of mind. No matter what the returns are annually, you will always have options to get back all of your initial investment.

This program has the oversight and full protection of Investment Grade Insurance. No more “what ifs”, you can rest easy knowing your money is safe and secure. Your funds are absolutely guaranteed.

You, the Partner
You, the partner signs contract for the oil, gas or helium opportunity and receives the promised benefits / returns
Timeless Protect, Inc.
TPI provides the ultimate protection for the entire program by insuring the pool of funds held in trust ensuring the client will have their option fully guaranteed