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Why Invest in Helium?

We are running out of helium. Helium reserves are at an all-time low while demand for helium continues to grow. This growth has pushed helium prices to $300 per MCF making helium the smart and most lucrative investment for years to come.

New technology has made it possible to now drill in more areas of Arizona that just ten years ago were not accessible thus opening what has been referred to as the "Saudi Arabia of helium". With a greater return than ever before and now is the time to put your investment dollars to work in the helium boom!

What is Helium used for?

The noble gas that most of us associate with party balloons and funny squeaky voices have many more uses than most of us are aware of. These uses make helium a requirement on a global level and the demand will only continue to grow.

  • MRI Scanners
  • Particle Accelerators
  • Super Magnets
  • Military and Defense
  • Space Exploration
  • Brain Cell Research
  • Next Generation Nuclear Reactors
We are big enough to get the job done right but small enough to give our partners the personal service they deserve. Rare Earth Exploration offers a broad range of investment opportunities in oil, gas, and helium resources. Let our team design an investment package that works for you and your ROI.

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