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Petrified Forest Prospect

3 new wells to be drilled in the Petrified Forest State Park to establish production in the Coconino Sandstone, Shinarump Conglomerate, and the Supai Conglomerate.

Holbrook Basin Prospect

The Holbrook Basin is the only area in the world drilled exclusively for helium. Wells located in these fields average 8.5% helium giving them the highest helium concentration per well in the U.S.

The Castle Prospect

The primary objective in the Castle Prospect located in Clay County TX is the Gunsite Limestone. It is found in separate sand lenses  within the Gunsite Limestone at depths of 800’ and 1,000’.

Squaw Mountain Prospect

The Squaw Mountain Prospect is an oil prospect situated on a 54 acre lease in northern Jack County, TX. The project consists of the drilling and completion of 8 new wells to test and produce oil from the shallow Gunsite Sand.

Woodruff Prospect

PHASE I lease acquisition fur the Woodruff Prospect consists of 3,200 acres and up to 20 new well sites. The first well to be drilled is currently being permitted and scheduled to spud in December 2018.

More Prospects Coming Soon

Rare Earth Exploration has a broad range of oil, gas and helium investment opportunities in Arizona and Texas. We are consistently researching new projects to offer our partners the most cost effective and lucrative opportunities available. 

Welcome to Rare Earth Exploration

The team at Rare Earth Exploration has committed itself to focus on the extraction, development, and production of Helium, other inert gases along with oil and natural gas, bringing them to the global marketplace.

Rare Earth Exploration has begun leasing mineral rights on thousands of acres across the state of Arizona and Texas. We have been researching all of the latest well completion techniques and have begun a number of different projects that will both increase our production numbers and profits to our partners.

Rare Earth Exploration is currently in the process of acquiring it’s own helium separation and storage facilities to ensure we will receive the best possible price for helium. In addition to the helium separation facility, Rare Earth has acquired a drilling rig that will immediately be used to drill multiple shallow oil wells in Texas and will be utilized in the future to drill helium wells in Arizona. We believe that we should go the extra mile to gain the competitive edge to ensure our company and its partners remain successful.

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